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Rejuvenate Your Arts Practice In The Tarkine

Published on Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Take a break at New Years and walk into The Forest of The Giants. Meditate beside ancient aboriginal middens on the wild Tarkine coast of north west Tasmania. Reflect on your arts practice, rejuvenate your spirit, return with new energy to create your best work!


IMAGINE walking into an old growth forest and making friends with trees 400 years old; sitting among the moss covered undergrowth, meditating in the pin drop silence of clear forest air and writing, writing.

IMAGINE taking all the questions that trouble you in this mad, self imploding world of ours
and finding answers, not from books or theories or teachings or gurus, but from walking gently
on the earth, following the footsteps of Traditional Owners who have walked this way thousands of years before.

IMAGINE four days before New Years Eve, making a pilgrimage into a rain forest hermitage, meditating, writing and reflecting on the year gone by and the year to come; swimming in a wilderness river, exploring the intricate detail of the forest floor and surrendering to the deep relaxation of inspired fireside readings in the still forest night.

IMAGINE singing your lungs out around a camp fire at a New Years Eve party you will never forget; emerging from your hermitage on New Years day and floating down the Pieman River in an old Huon pine launch, to the welcome in the New Year at the wild Tarkine Coast.

IMAGINE meditating on waving forests of kelp, pounding surf, rocky outcrops and ancient
aboriginal middens; breathing fresh salt air into your skin, swimming in secret bays and hidden coves, basking on smooth warm rocks; watching spectacular west coast sunsets and
writing, writing.

IMAGINE you can change not only yourself, but other people, with your arts practice. That if we all took time out, just once in our busy lives to walk into a wilderness like Tasmania’s
Tarkine to record our experience, to tell others of the profound insights we receive into our own lives and the life of the planet; imagine how powerful that would be.

Writers, artists, poets, sculptors, photographers, administrators, any art practice welcome!

 Join us this New Years. Change yourself and your arts practice forever.

Relaxed easy walking with day packs. Medium fitness required.

Walking Guide, Raymond Hawkins
Writing and meditation facilitator, Jan Cornall

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